EC Meeting April 10th 2013

Minutes of the EC meeting scheduled for 10th April 2013 over the skype link. 8pm UK time


Pal Kragset, Bruce Millar, Stellan Berlin, Rickard Bjurstrom, Steve Bullmore

  1. Establishment of a quorum

A full quorum of five people was established.

  1. Minutes of the last and previous EC meeting for approval

The minutes of the last meeting were approved with a minor adjustment to the wording.

  1. Norlin One Design contracts and Class Rules

The One Design Class Rules as presented by the TC previous to the meeting were discussed to the extent of the following proposals from the President. Each was voted on as shown below:

1. The official name of the ICA OD class shall be the  "2.4 Norlin One Design Class"

Decided by 3 against 2 votes.


2. The certification of boats to the 2.4mR Class and the 2.4 Norlin One Design Class shall be linked together like stated in the proposed 2.4 Norlin OD Class Rules, A.9-14 and B.1-3

Decided by 3 against 2 votes.


3.   "2.4" shall be present in the 2.4 Norlin One Design Class Insignia

Decided by 3 against 2 votes.


4.   On basis of the decisions in point 1 - 3 above the 2.4 Norlin One Design Class Rules 2013-04-10 are decided to be the first official 2.4mR ICA class rules of the 2.4 Norlin One Design Class. 

Unanimously decided

The One Design Contracts were discussed. It was decided that the Vice President should examine the proposed wording as supplied by the One Design Class and comment on its application for use by the International 2.4mR Class Association as the replacement contract.

It was further decided that the President should make contact by letter to Norlin Yachts to explore the possibility of simple transfer of the existing contract to the International 2.4mR Class Association.

Decided by 4 against 1 vote.

  1. Any other business

There was no other business.

  1. Date of next was set as 24th April over the skype link at 8pm UK time.

Steve Bullmore – secretary