19th August 2011 Executive Committee Minutes

2.4mR ICA Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Executive Committee held on 15th August 2011 at Aalesund, Norway


Present:  Pal Kragset - Chairman , Stellan Berlin, Rikard Bjurstrom, Steve Bullmore


Chairman presented his attitude and viewpoint to the workings of this committee in future and this was followed by an open discussion with all members of the committee with a view to the committee working as a cohesive unit for the year ahead.

This Committee is committed to communication with the overall membership via the International Website. The website will be used for openness, but there must be no doubt about the formal information lines between EC and NCAs.  The posting of formal information on the website, minutes, decisions etc., will never be executed before the same information has been sent to the chairmen of the NCAs.

The Chairman / Class President’s voice or instruction alone will represent any communication from the committee.

Future meetings may be held using ‘skype’ and all members of the committee will connect into this medium. Meetings will be held at 8pm UK time on the third Wednesday of each month.
Committee member acceptance of any minutes is requested soonest but the Chairman will act as moderator as to whether minutes can be published in advance of acceptance by all.
Mention made of Bruce Millar’s meeting with ISAF on the 27th June of this year.

Items to be followed:
Chairman to produce a sketch of his thoughts on the structure of the Class in light of One Design developments following the AGM. This to be the basis for discussion in the committee.
Secretary and Chairman to review the Constitution and report. Contact with previous Officers of this committee will be made before the next meeting.
Pal Kragset to introduce himself to the Class on the International Website.
Secretary to draw up a letter to the Royal Cornwall YC in thanks to their invitation for the 2013 Worlds and for the Chairman to sign.
Secretary to contact the Italian 2.4mR Class to start negotiations for the 2012 Worlds.
EC decision to refund a member of the technical committee’s expenses for Alesund visit – future expense payments of this kind should be agreed in principle in advance of visit.


19th August 2011   Steve Bullmore – secretary.