EC Committee Meeting Minutes 15th February 2012

Minutes of the meeting of the EC Committee of the International 2.4mR Class held on the 15th February 2012 via a skype link.


Present: Paul Kragset – president, Rikard Bjurstrom, Stellan Berlin, Bruce Millar, Steve Bullmore – secretary

Notice of meeting, minutes from the last meeting. Quorum

A notice of this meeting had been sent in good time and received by all members.

A Quorum was established.

The minutes of the EC meeting in December 21st were approved without amendment.

Worlds Update

2012 – Contact with the Italian organisers continued and appeared to be moving forward. The EC decided that there should be a visit to the site to make personal contact but that this would be timed to coincide with the right time for the organisers. Stellan Berlin suggested that he may be able to fit this into his timetable.

The process for the UK Worlds in 2013 continued to move forward and another meeting with the organising club had been organised.

ISAF Update

Contact had been made with Henry Thorpe at ISAF and he was conscious that he had matters pending which need resolution. He promised to make a response the matters within the following week.

Class Rules Rewrite

Discussion was had on the class rules rewrite. It was noted that Hakan Kelner had agreed to take on the work with Henry Thorpe at ISAF’s help.

The two alternative proposals were put forward. 1. to start the rule rewrite now and 2. Not to start it. The committee’s decision, with the smallest majority, was that the work shall not be started now and that ISAF shall be informed that the reason is the pressures of the ongoing work to prepare the new constitution and the OD documents for the AGM precludes it from the class priorities. As soon as the secretary has finished the minutes and they are confirmed by the EC members, the wording of that decision will be used to inform ISAF.

Strategy for the 2012 agm and OD Documents

The president advised the meeting that there must be moves to make sure that all the documents concerning the Norlin OD Class should be ready for presentation to the NCAs by the 1st June so that there was adequate time for NCAs to make comments which could be reflected in the final papers for the agm’s approval.


Constitution Changes

Discussion on Constitutional changes was postponed until the March meeting.


Class promotion

The Vice President had presented a paper concerning Class promotion prior to the meeting. It was accepted in full together with the agreement that advertising both on the website and in the newsletter could be open to both classified and professional adverts.

It was decided that there should be rules to govern all advertising and that the Vice President should, in cooperation with the webmaster and newsletter editor, produce a set of rules for ratification at the next meeting.

It was also agreed that any newsletter should be approved by the EC before publication.

French Association

The French national authority had passed our concerns onto the Paralympic training manager and he had responded by saying that they would pay for membership according to our rules and that in May there would be an agm held where it was hoped that the French class could be expanded to include sailors outside the Paralympic squad.

Any other business

The ease of use of the website was some cause for concern and contact with the webmaster hopefully would resolve the issue.

The obligation for the ICA to hold worldwide records of the 2.4mR fleet, and the NCA´s obligation to submit copies of all certificates, was raised. It was informed about the Norwegian and Swedish line with full details, and the UK’s reticence to hold publically available records. There is no obligation to do it, but many NCAs publish registers. The EC considered that to be adequate and will evaluate if the ICA obligation should be taken away from the Constitution.

The next meeting was set for 8pm UK time on the 28th March via the skype link.

S T Bullmore – secretary