Letter on Measurement April 2010

2.4mR ICA Meeting Minutes

From: International Class Executive Committee

To: All ICA member NCAs

Re: Measurement and Certification

Over the last few months your Executive Committee has been discussing the importance of proper measurement and certification in accordance with Class Rules. We are sending this letter to the membership via posting on the website and email to NCA World Council Representatives to remind everyone that correct measurement procedure requires a volume displacement test and it is the responsibility of owners and measurers to be sure this is part of proper certification.


In May of 2008 ISAF made two amendments to the Class Rules,

• A.11.1 which says, “For a boat not previously certified, all items on the Certification Control Form shall be certification controlled by an official measurer and the details entered onto the form. The Declarations on the form shall be signed by the builder and the official measurer.”

• D6.1(c), which says, “The water line shall be controlled by placing the boat in a water tank and load it according to H.2. The official measurer shall issue a declaration stating that this.

We believe ISAF took this action of its own accord with the intent to help ensure that all boats sailing in the upcoming Paralympics were properly measured, and that the Class Rule more clearly specifies (standard) meter boat measurement procedures. Both these rule changes make it very clear to owners, builders, and measurers alike what must be done to properly certify a boat.

At the 2008 Paralympics, all (Norlin Mk III) boats underwent a volume displacement test to ensure that they floated on their lines. All but two boats passed, and the two which were not initially compliant were able to change the center of gravity of their ballast and then pass. Thus the Executive Committee believes that most Norlin Mk III boats weighing 254 kg. will float on their measured (designed) waterline, and we plan to take several steps to help ensure all boats are in compliance with CR D6.1(c). This is important for all designs, not just the Norlin Mk III.

In summary, the EC recommends that all NCA’s work to facilitate voluntary volume displacement testing for all boats which have not had this done, to ensure that all boats racing in Class sanctioned events have a valid measurement certificate. The Class plans to help encourage this in the future by requiring spot volume displacement checks at all World and Continental Championships. Further, if time and measurer availability allows, there will be an opportunity for owners to have their boat checked on a voluntary basis prior to these events at the sites.

Finally, we want to remind all sailors that it is the boat owner who is responsible for obtaining a valid measurement certificate and keeping it current. If you race in Class sanctioned events your boat must be in compliance with the Class Rules. It is your responsibility, not the builder’s or the measurer’s, or your MNA certification authority’s. On the ICA website are posted certification control forms and a standard measurement certificate to help us all ensure measurement conformity. If any NCA or sailor has questions about this communication, please direct them to the ICA Secretary. We wish you fair winds and fast, safe sailing in 2010.

The EC Committee