EC meeting March 6, 2013

Minutes of the EC meeting held on 6th March 2013 over the skype link. 8pm UK time


Pal Kragset, Bruce Millar, Stellan Berlin, Rickard Bjurstrom, Steve Bullmore

  1. Establishment of a quorum

A full quorum of the five members of the EC was formed.

  1. Minutes of the last and previous EC meeting for approval

A final version of the minutes was presented to the committee and approved without comment.

  1. "Work ethic - respect for Constitution, AGM and EC decisions, respect for
    elected officers and Technical Committee."

A full discussion was held concerning the proper function of the committee members and the decision was reached that for all matters of importance that contact with outside sources including ISAF should be passed through the EC for formal approval in the future. There was recognition that in the recent past that this had not been the case.

  1. The path forward for the Norlin Mk3 Class together with Paul’s email

After much discussion the following proposal was made by the president and accepted by the committee unanimously. The committee believes that the ICA has the right to move forward on the basis of recent communication from ISAF even though there is no approved constitution in place to support the Norlin Mk3 Class within its wording.

The 2.4mR ICA shall start administering the Norlin Mk3 Class when all related documents are decided on the right level in the association and they have been sent to ISAF for inspection’.

It was further decided that at the next EC meeting the ICA will vote to accept to administer the Norlin Mk3 Class simultaneously with approval of a submission from the TC on ICA versions of the OD Class Rule and all related documents. The president was to communicate a preparatory screening of the class rule draft to the head of the TC for discussion and decision by that committee.

  1. Worlds 2013 Poole

The secretary reported that all sailing matters concerning logistics, racing, jurors and measurement were in place and that there had been a healthy take up of entries to the event. There was lacking a prime sponsor in terms of £15000 which once in place would allow the provision of a better on land and social experience for the competitors and other visitors. Efforts were continuing to find such a sponsor.

The president asked the secretary to make a final report on the facilities etc prior to the event once all factors were in place.

The head of the TC asked that he should be given details of the chief measurer for the event which is Bas Edmonds, chief technical officer of the RYA and an international metre boat measurer. The secretary would forward the details.

  1. Worlds 2014 Toronto

Bruce Millar assured the committee that things were progressing and that contact was made with the international race officer for the event.

  1. Future WC domain progress

No further progress had been made on this but the vice president would continue with the project.

  1. Progress on the new N American builder

There was no news on this subject other than there was a search for a builder underway.

  1. ISAF report due 31st January 2013 and background reports from the NCAs

The secretary reported that the 2013 ISAF report from the class had been made and that included reports on current boat numbers from almost all the NCAs. The president was keen that further contact should be made with each NCA for a full updated report to be used as the basis of the presidents report to the 2013 agm.

  1. TC report

The head of the TC confirmed that his committee were addressing issues both on the open class and on the one design class.

  1. Race manual progress

No further progress had been made on the race manual review but the vice president would be addressing this in the coming period.

  1. Any other business


  1. Date of next meeting – 27th March 2013 over skype 8pm UK time

Steve Bullmore – secretary