EC Committee Meeting Minutes 16th November 2011

Minutes of the meeting of the EC Committee of the International 2.4mR Class held on the 16th November 2011 via a skype link.


Present:  Paul Kragset – president, Rikard Bjurstrom, Stellan Berlin,Bruce Millar, Steve Bullmore – secretary

Notice of meeting, minutes from the last meeting. Quorum

A notice of this meeting had been sent in good time and received by all members.

A Quorum was established.

The minutes of the EC meeting in October 19th were approved without amendment.

Worlds Update

There had been some contact with the Italian organisers over the appointment of an international measurer to oversee the 2011 Worlds. They had found an Italian international measurer but the meeting pointed out that it had to be a specific Int 2.4mR international measurer. The secretary would follow up on this.

The process for the UK Worlds in 2013 was moving forward and another meeting with the organising club had happened with some decisions on the manner of funds raising, the areas for measurement, mooring, disabled access and the timetable for the event. The Worlds would immediately follow Falmouth Week and 2.4mR boats would be invited to participate in this event also.

Core materials

The subject of core materials for both the specification of hull and deck mouldings was raised as was the possible need to expand the specification to keep pace with the ever expanding range of core materials available. This diversity of specification would not introduce any exotic core materials but would allow builders a better range of product to use. The meeting asked the secretary to contact the TC to ask them to explore the issue before the next agm.

Input from Håkan / ODRC / OD CA about ongoing work and corresponding document moves on the website

Recent contact from Hakan Kellner concerning both the name style for the proposed One Design classes, to be 2.4mR Norlin One Design Class in the case of the Norlin Mk3 boats and for other one design classes within the umbrella to replace ‘Norlin’ with the specific design name.

The President informed the meeting of the recent document movements on the International Class website to better represent the structure of the Class.

Budget for ODRC (expect to receive issues and figures from Håkan)

The meeting agreed that prior to any formal restructure of the Class that the One Design Class would continue with any work surrounding OD issues and that a formal budget to fund this work would be agreed after receipt of a budget estimate from Hakan Kellner. It was hope that this would be received and approved by the December EC meeting.

ISAF comments;  ISAF chose Alt 1, ISAF view on 2007 const. amendments

Recent discussions with ISAF were brought to the table.

ISAF were happy to accept the first alternative structure of the Class and the meeting agreed that this would be notified to all NCAs as soon as possible. ISAF recognised that this would be a structure which would allow the continuance of the One Design Class but felt that in the fullness it would be inevitable that a split into two separate classes could not be avoided. Some surprise was voiced as to the clear understanding that ISAF had on present class developments and there was some reticence to continue a discussion without a longer period to absorb the possibilities for the future. However a view was expressed that the acceptance of the Alternative 1 structure was the immediate issue and that any move to a separation as in Alternative 2 structure may not be necessary for many years.

The ISAF views on grandfathering older boats in the Norlin current fleet were highlighted and it was agreed that the president would contact ISAF for  more detailed guidelines for the One Design development to follow.

Class Rules Rewrite

ISAF appeared to favour the possible rewriting of the International Class rules and it was their strong view that a move to ‘closed rules’ would be in the best interests of the class. However this view was not shared by all members of the committee where some favour was found for the continuance of the ‘open rules’. It was decided that the EC will not decide on the case unless a specific letter from ISAF requests such a change.

The acceptance by ISAF of the rule changes voted in the 2007 agm was noted as was ISAF’s promised to take the old appendix k off their rules website, which currently had not been done. The secretary had reminded them of the need to do this and would do so again.

Constitution Changes

Following the move to a new Class structure the need for minimal changes to the present Constitution were accepted in principle by the meeting but detail was not available for a full discussion. However the president had started to rewrite with wording which better reflected the proposed class structure and work on this would continue. A view was expressed that a possible Class decision on this could be taken prior to the next agm via an internet vote (but examination of the 2007 amendment to allow for this eventuality after the meeting showed that it specifically excluded any Constitutional changes outside the full agm)

Class promotion

The subject of promotion of the Class was discussed and it was agreed that this must be done to promote the whole of the Class and not any particular sector of the Class. The vice president agreed to explore the best way to move to a greater promotion of 2.4mR sailing which may include the linking of the website to manufacturers etc of all items which concerned the boats and sailors and that this may include a pecuniary element to the linking.

Possible establishment of a new NCA

The success of the first Antwerp Cup was voiced and the structure of the NCA representation of Belgium sailors under a Netherlands NCA. The secretary was to discuss whether there should be a separate Belgium NCA to better represent that country’s sailors with both the Dutch NCA and also with the best representative of the Belgium fleet.

The next meeting was set for 8pm UK time on the 21st December via the skype link.

S T Bullmore – secretary