EC Committee Meeting Minutes 19th October 2011

The President opened the meeting and established a quorum.

Present:  Paul Kragset-  President, RikardBurstrom, Stellan Berlin, Bruce Millar, Steve Bullmore -Secretary

An agenda for the meeting had been sent to all committee members.

The minutes of the previous meeting of the 21st September 2011 were approved.

The dates for the 2012 World Championships were confirmed as 16th to 22nd September.

The number of boats registered in Australia were 15 and New Zealand 10.

The question of the use of Soric Honeycomb in the deck construction was discussed and it was evident that the missing specification to include this in the class rules was an error. The TC were to be informed and make the necessary amendment via the 2012 agm.

It was confirmed that a bowsprit was a spar by definition and consequently had been prohibited by the 2011 agm  decision. The previous secretary was to be asked to check his notes as to the background of this decision.

The Newsletter process had started and all NCAs had been asked to contribute to the first full edition by a flyer sent by the webmaster.

It was reported that a final replacement appendix K had been agreed with IFDS and would be posted on the class website soonest. It would be entitled ‘Appendix K 2011’ and would be a temporary measure to be the basis for the future IFDS regattas leading up to and including the 2012 Paralympics. The EC voted that the weight of ballast would be 181kilos in this document.

It was noted that the name of the OD Class was free until there was ISAF approval at a future date.

The approved amendments from the 2008 agm had not been sent to ISAF for approval and the secretary was asked to confirm with ISAF that they may be approved at this late date.

Figures from the Treasurer for the current class’s financial position were presented to the meeting and showed a positive movement from the set presented to the class at the 2011 agm.

It was agreed that there would be a formal setting of yearly budgets at future agm’s.

It was agreed that the OD Class would continue to function as the active body to hold agreements concerning the Norlin Mk3 and would be the body to certify builders prior to the implementation of a new overall class structure. This was to give stability to the present situation.

A discussion was made on the process whereby a person could be prohibited from interaction with the class website. The President’s view was that this should be only executed in extreme circumstances and that note would be taken of the person’s activity level in the class and whether he/she was a boat owner.

The TC had provided a documents list for the OD Class decisions and that some had been approved at the 2010 agm. Later evidence proved that this was not the case and they would have to be approved at the 2012 agm. In the meantime it was agreed that they should all be used as if approval had been made.

There was a discussion on the future use of ‘closed class’ rules in place of the ‘open class’ rules as presently written and there was a divergence of views on this subject. Guidance was to be sort from ISAF at the forthcoming meeting.

The President had presented certain options for a future class structure to include an OD Class/Division within it as instructed by the 2011 agm. The committee had been sent copies of these options in good time for the meeting and a unanimous decision was made that Alternative 1 would be presented to ISAF for their views and that should this not find favour then Alternative 2 would be introduced. Alternative 1 was amended in the meeting to exclude the necessity for a Norlin Mk3 Committee in the structure.

The agenda for the meeting on 21st October at ISAFs offices in Southampton was discussed. The attendees for the class were to be the president and the secretary. Stellan Berlin had not been given sufficient notice of the meeting and unfortunately could not attend at this late stage.

This would be:

Future Class structure

Clarification on sub classes

Ability to run separate class Worlds

Acceptance of the Appendix K 2011 to be published on the class website only and the removal of the current appendix K from the ISAF published class rules

Necessity to rewrite the International 2.4mR Class constitution.

Necessity to rewrite the International 2.4mR Class rules on a ‘closed rule’ basis.


Note was made that a hotel bill for a class measurer who attended the 2011 Worlds at Aalesund would be sent to the class for payment.

The next meeting of the EC was set for 16th November 2011 at 8pm UK time by skype.

Meeting closed at 9.50pm.


S Bullmore - secretary