November 2012 Letter from The President

To all National 2.4 mR Class Associations
November 9, 2012
Dear Chairmen
2012 has so far been a great sailing season for the 2.4mR - congratulations to all.
Lots of great sailing events have taken place, a magnificent open World
Championship in Italy, important decisions made by the AGM and useful
consultations with ISAF officers and personnel at the ISAF conference in Dublin.
The AGM unanimously decided on a proposal to ISAF for a new 2.4mR ICA
Constitution, including formal authority for a Norlin Mk3 class as advised by the
ISAF Class Rule Sub-committee in November 2010. The proposal is now dealt with
by the ISAF. A consequence of this decision is that the NCAs will have to
coordinate their constitutions accordingly. This issue will be addressed in a
special letter to the NCAs.
The next step on the OD track will be to tweak the drafts for a Norlin Mk3 Class
Rule and related documents to make them as perfect as possible, in order to assist
both future IFDS use of them and further development of the Norlin Mk3 class.
The TC has taken on this job, in good dialogue with ISAF officers and personnel.
When all documents are ready, the EC will consider to invite the AGM to make a
formal decision to create the Norlin Mk3 Class, the Norlin Mk3 Class Rule and
related documents as official elements on the 2.4mR ICA level of status. The
organizational location for the Norlin MK3 Class will be as a "group" with
additional certificates within the 2.4mR Class and Class Association. Not as a
"division" because that mean "to divide" the classes from each other, which
nobody wants.

There is no indications that the already produced hull measurement templates
will be altered during this process. NCAs that want to start early Norlin Mk3 Class
measurements, may order templates from Pekka Seitola, pekka@fyralinjer.com2
Applications to ISAF for the Norlin MK3 Class to be an international class cannot
be decided by AGM before the boat numbers according to Regulation 10 are
present. To evaluate advantages and disadvantages and to make this important
decision therefore belongs to a future AGM. For the time being the Norlin Mk3
class has to remain on the 2.4mR ICA level of status. IFDS has informed that this
level of status will be sufficient for them to adopt the Norlin Mk3 Class Rule as the
fundament for IFDS events.
The 2012 AGM made some decisions for the next year´s work. One of them was
about financial support to NCAs that want to launch marketing projects for
expanding 2.4 sailing. Another was to find ways to have more existing boats that
certified. These issues will be addressed in special letters to the NCAs.
The AGM also asked the EC and TC to work on the 2.4mR measurement and
certificate situation, which in some countries has a potential for improvement.
The EC and TC were authorized to develop templates for the official documents
relating to a certain boat, publish them on the web as soon as possible and advice
NCAs and measurers gradually to comply.
Finally the preparations for this AGM revealed that many NCAs take lightly their
obligation to submit annual reports to the ICA according to Constitution 10.3.d.
For the next NCA reports the EC will decide on a template.
2.4 sailing is alive as never before. Strategies for the development of ICA receive
increasing support. The future is promising. Good sailing to all of you !
Best regards
Paul Kragset