Minutes of the EC meeting 2011-09-21

Held at 8pm UK time over a five way skype link.




  1. Approval Notice of meeting and establishing the quorum.

The notice of meeting was accepted and a quorum established.


Paul Kragset – president and chairman

Steve Bullmore – secretary

Bruce Millar

Rikard Bjurstrom

Stellan Berlin

  1. The EC meeting minutes of 2011-08-15 were approved and it was noted that the expected expenditure for one person attending the Worlds in Norway would now not be necessary.
  2. The secretary reported that :

Australia had paid their association dues direct to the treasurer.

A request was made that the exact number of boats in Australia and New Zealand should be ascertained by the next EC meeting.

Contact had been made with the organising committee for the Italian Worlds in 2012. Final confirmation of the exact days of competition at that event would be decided at the end of this September.

A request was made that the dates did not conflict with the London Paralympic sailing event and that ‘travel time’ would be allowed between the two events.

A current checklist was to be established for this event and it was anticipated that a member of the EC would make the trip to the location upon invitation by the organising committee to vet the arrangements with a particular focus on disabled aspects.

That a letter had been sent by the President to the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club concerning the Worlds in 2013 and a response from the club indicated that their organising committee would begin work soonest after their agm.

The chairman reported that he had received a report from the Technical committee on their work both using templates and jigs but also measuring older Norlin Mk3 boats with pleasing results.

He also reported a contact with the class to establish a newsletter and work on this was ongoing.

He also advised the meeting that the Class’s webmaster would be returning from his cycle trip by early October and would then be available to modify or add items to the website.

  1. Movement towards integration of the OD division and possible changes to the constitution.

Some discussion was made on the appropriateness of the proposed changes to the present constitution as presented to the meeting but subsequent thought, including the fact that the One Design Norlin Mk3 class was established, made it necessary to amend the approach. The chairman would be bringing a revised document to the next EC meeting.

The meeting decided that representation should be made to ISAF and to IFDS in Southampton, England for a meeting to consist of persons from the EC – Paul Kragset, Stellan Berlin and Steve Bullmore to obtain in principle agreement from ISAF to the proposed course of action to allow the International Class to administer both an open and a one design class.

The secretary was asked to make such a meeting between the 21st and 25th October.

Following on from this it became apparent that there was a need, following ISAF’s declaration that Appendix K would be withdrawn from the Class rules, for a revised and workable document to replace this as a short term specification to cover the 2012 London Paralympics. The chairman, Bruce Millar and Hakan Kelner would draw this up as a matter of urgency to be forwarded to IFDS and published on the WEB.

The secretary was asked to obtain the date that new rules would be published by ISAF with this exclusion.

5.       Mention was made of the documents on the website regarding the Chapter K and connected documents and that they did not represent the present position of the class.  The chairman, Bruce Millar and Hakan Kelner were given the responsibility to agree on design and content of these documents and make them available on the website in an coherent manner.

6.       The next meeting was set for the 19th October 2011 at 8pm UK time again to held over a skype link.