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2016 World Championship in Hobart Tasmania

Megan Pascoe (GBR) to win her first World Title in a comfortable style

Year 2016 got to an early start when the 2016 World Championships was hosted by The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania in Hobart Tasmania.

32 boats showed up on the venue but never the less it was a week of very spectacular sailing with windconditions that the majority of the fleet never had tryed out, the wind was coming and going in a pattern that very few could understand and having local experience didn´t seem to be that imporant, as nobody had a clew about from where the wind would set in after a sudden drop to zero. This happend at least once or twice in practically every race and after a zero condition the wind often started to blow 10-20 knots in a matter of minutes.... from a totally different and random direction.... very interesting.

The winner of the 2016 2.4mR World Championships and the new World Champion is Megan Pascoe (GBR) second Matt Bugg (AUS) and third Paul Francis (NZL). Official results can be found here>>>>

Photos  to be found here>>>>

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