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Hi All
We are in the early grips of the corona virus pandemic. Different countries are experiencing a range of infection levels and in each case are taking different methods to hold back the virus for as long as possible.
As a Class we must be very aware of the implications that this may well have on our sailing activities and in particular the major regattas that are planned for this year. No one wants to cancel any regatta or championship but these are unprecedented circumstances and we have to plan and be aware of what has to be done.
We have seen the first two regattas cancelled in Europe and I have no doubt more will follow, however decisions can only be made as the severity levels transpire and the travel restrictions are imposed by each country.
I am aware that certainly for the World Championships in the USA at the end of this year there are substantial financial commitments made both by those intending to attend but also for the organisers of the event.
You need to know that the ICA are aware of these issues and have it now under constant review. We will, and the organisers of the World Championships will, keep sailors aware of the current position as time goes by. We will communicate any major developments as soon as we are aware of them, via NCA emails, the Owners Facebook site, and the Class website. The Worlds website will also show any up to date position or decision.
Also to be able to make the right decisions it would be very helpful to have knowledge of the financial commitments that sailors and groups of sailors have made and what are the trigger dates that can affect these commitments. For example the last date for container cancellation without penalty or a similar date for flights booked.
Once again you will all appreciate that these are unprecedented circumstances and we all want to make the right informed decisions along the way.
Steve Bullmore
President International 2.4mR Class