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Letter from the President Feb. 2020

Hi All

Although we in the U.K. are experiencing winter storms currently there are some signs of Spring happening which must mean we are getting ever closer to a new season of 2.4mR sailing. Your EC have been in office now since the last AGM and as a unit we are working and communicating extremely well. The views of the new members on the EC are well received and has given an added impetus to the work.
Simon’s addition as the new treasurer, together with valuable input from Martin, has started a move to the class having a much better controlled and accountable financial structure than we have previously enjoyed. I cannot disguise that there have not been difficulties in getting the new U.K. bank account up and running and in part this has been due to the very strict money laundering requirements that banks now need to have in place for new accounts. I had hoped for a smoother transition with the past treasurer but that was not to be. Anyway the good news is that the bank account is open and we are in process of the transfer of funds from Sweden. Simon will have communicated to each of you both the bank details and also the new ways of making and receiving payments to that account which will give better security and accountability for the future.
Your last AGM approved a marketing budget for this coming year and as indicated at the time a healthy payment has been made to support the Class being shown at shows in Paris, Dusseldorf, Helsinki and London. A huge amount of work has been undertaken by each of the NCAs involved and it will be interesting and a basis for future involvements to see how this expenditure will result in new sailors.
So much needs to be done to bring the Class to ‘life’ in the eyes of possible new sailors and as ever the quality of information available currently on the Class website is poor and in a lot of instances out of date. This must be addressed quickly now.
Also at the last AGM there was approval of a marketing committee to be formed with the aim to providing a new strategy to support future expense, increase awareness of the Class, and the increase of sailors on the water. We are very close to that committee being formed and I am only too aware of the time and enthusiasm that this sort of work can take. I think we will have a committee that will bring experience, commitment and dynamism to the subject for the Class’s benefit.
As you will be aware over the last year we lost the main Finnish builder to the Class, replaced now with a builder in that country who will continue the 2.4mR build. At the same time there is a new commercial build in the U.K. to strengthen the possibility to purchase comparable new boats. Also the EC became aware that the design rights to the Norlin Mk3 have fallen away with time which has lead the EC to cancel the Class agreement with the design company. This cancellation expires on the 3 April 2020 and until we reach that date we are unable to offer further build licences as the underlying fundament to the agreement is not certain until that date.
The TC appears to be functioning well and praise must be given to those involved with the recent measurement seminar in Germany for an instructive and successful weekend. The use of Stefan Kaste’s premises was crucial to that happening and we thank him for his enthusiasm and support to the event. Hopefully we will see an additional number of measurers and some who can continue on the path to international measurer status.
Even more hard work from those involved on the organisation of our two major championships - the Worlds in Florida, and the Europeans in Travemunde, Germany. Very shortly the NORs for each will be available and also the entry systems open. Each one of these will give events that are worthy of their titles and of course great competition on the water.
The main focus of sailing now and mirrored by World Sailing is that of inclusivity, a recognition in our Class that in our racing boat any form of gender or disability allowance needs not be made. All are possible candidates to be on the podium at major championships and this is not just an ideal but recent results prove that it is and will continue to be the case in the future.
World Sailing are giving this their major support and they will be opening all future events under their flag to be inclusive of all sailors and 2.4mR boats. There remains a need at all major events to recognise age, divisional and disability in the prize giving and long may that continue. 
I am hoping that when you read this you will see and feel confident that the Class through its two committees, EC and TC, are working hard for the benefit of all 2.4mR sailors and that through the mists of different opinions we are moving the Class forward to being recognised as a unique and a quality experience for all who join us in the ‘friendly fleet’.
As ever communication and input from all sources gives food to the thought process and your EC is always open to hearing things on all 2.4mR subjects that can give us knowledge of special situations or things we can roll out across the board.
Best wishes 
Steve Bullmore
President International 2.4mR Class