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2010 Swedish Championship Emil Axelsson


The Swedish Championships 2010 took place in Mariestad 27 to 29 of August. It showed 28 entries from 3 different countries. Besides the Swedes the Norwegians Harald ”Långsvärd” Rolfsnes and Björnar Erikstad took part. Megan Pascoe from England showed up as usual. A tune-up race was held at Thursday afternoon in light winds. It was won by Stellan Berlin followed by Hans “Manne” Ekholm and Peter Andersson. Happy about the good placing Manne (SWE 442) just wanted to get it confirmed at the results-board, but was slightly disappointed by finding Pelle Schönning (SWE 422) in his place. The race committee had mixed up the sail numbers 442 ands 422 (Schönning and his wife Stina had stayed at the pub tuning-up). Friday was started in a comparatively stable wind direction from SO. Henrik Johnson showed good performance in the first race and won comfortably. However, by getting the gun, he got severe headache.

Henrik got some pills from the race-committee, but he never recovered after that episode. The second race was won by Hasse Asklund, while Stellan Berlin took the third race.

Saturday showed instable winds regarding both strength and direction. Stellan Berlin was found stepping on foredeck not less than three times, changing the yellow and grey jibs. The grey one (without battens) was hoisted as soon the wind got lighter. Lennart “Läcke” Heselius and Lidholm had brought such grey jibs as well, but didn’t dare to enter the foredeck.
In this context the good manners of Lidholm must be emphasized. Peter Andersson was entering the first mark on port, well inside the three boat-length radius. Andersson looks at the parade of starboard boats and the gentleman Lidholm shouts, don’t tack, don’t tack. This is almost as polite as saying you may pass. Some protests were heard from Läcke, while Berlin argued a little bit more. After the event Läcke said to Lidholm that he had been too noble to Andersson. Läcke: ”You should had cut the backstay as usual” Undoubtedly one’s thoughts goes to the book of Matthew IV, verse III: It is more holy to give place at the mark than taking place.
As usual Emil Axelsson did a good job with two wins during the 4 races of this day. He was in the total lead after the second day’s races. He had the same total points as Berlin, and Asklund was third (one point behind), while Peter Andersson was fourth (two points behind).
At the last day the wind was nowhere and there was a lot of small talking, and even some intriguing talks while waiting for wind. Was Jonas Palm, as caretaker to Peter Andersson, going to sink Asklund after all bad manners from Hasse? Was Henrik, as potential guardion sailor to Emil going to give Stellan a choking-off already at the start of the race? We got no answers to these questions since the race-committee cancelled this days races and Emil Axelsson was found to be the victorious.
Perhaps Emil has got Stellan to thank for his victory? During the second days sailing Hasse Asklund covered Stellan badly downwind. No one wants to have the hot-tempered Asklund in this position. Berlin started a private luffing duel with Hasse. Meanwhile Emil passed them both and at the end this proved to be crucial counting the points.