2010 US Disabled Championships


Bruce Millar, Megan Pascoe and Paul Tingley are the top finishers in this years US Disabled Sailing Championships hosted by the St. Petersburg Yacht Club in St. Petersburg, Florida. The three day regatta showed moderate breeze and beautiful weather for the first day of racing. The small chop and steady winds made for lots of fun.

The second day's racing was postponed for many hours waiting onshore for the breeze to fill in. Just before the start of the first race a 90 degree windshift came in and the course was moved. Only one race was held that day in 14-17 knots of breeze. The final day of racing began nervously as the winds were predicted at 15-25 with large waves. Just before the start of the first race there were a few bildge pump issues and one boat filled completely. The race committee was overly cautious and directed all 2.4' to head to shore. The fleet of well seasoned 2.4 sailors were shocked at missing out on all this fun weather and circled the committee boat protesting like indians around a wagon! Persistence paid off and the race committee reinstated a start for the class and three races were held. The puffs were never more than the high teens, but the waves made it a very wet day! Bruce Millar clearly had the victory, winning 4 of the 7 races.