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US Disabled 2.4mR Championships 2011


The US Disabled Championships were held at Larchmont Yacht Club, Larchmont, NY, on September 23 -25, 2011 . Wind conditions were unusual for this time of year. Instead of the normal 8 to 15 knots, most of the racing occurred in very light, shifty conditions, with wind rarely above 5 knots. On Friday, heavy current, combined with the very light wind created a challenge for the upwind rounding.   Several position changes occurred as boats were swept onto the mark.  Only one race was successfully completed on Saturday; the second race of the day was abandoned when the time limit expired. There was insufficient wind on Sunday for any racing to be done. The race committee did a great job of finishing the three races required for a series.

Charlie Rosenfield, the US Class Sect/Treas, from Woodstock, CT, came out ahead with two bullets and one second.  CONGRATS to Charlie, our 2011 US Disabled Champion. Danny Evans, relatively new to the boat, came in second with 7 points, and Jody Hill, finished third with 10 points.

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