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Hi All

Whilst we have limited sailing this year, the EC behind the scenes have had a very productive year. 

  • We have created a Marketing Subcommittee and they are tasked with looking at the overall development of the International 2.4mR Class and the image we present.  A full presentation on their activity and recommendations will of course be presented to the NCAs for approval at an appropriate meeting of the World Council.


  • The future of the class is something we take very seriously and  the EC commissioned a report and legal advice on where the One Design sits within the overall class. I’m pleased to say that as a result of this we have created a fresh One Design Subcommittee to finally resolve this matter and get the One Design Division recognised by World Sailing. This is entailing a lot of work and discussion plus working closely with World Sailing. To this end we have invited Brian Todd from outside the class but with a long standing association with para sailing and from working within World Sailing.

These two initiatives will together allow the Class to strengthen its proposition as a class to join and take us into a more successful period of our development. 

Financial Resources . Our Finances are sound and we now have strong financial control over our expenditure with the ability to act and fund these important matters. 

The Marketing  Subcommittee, reporting to the EC, is now made up of four people, 

Jean Paul Alexander, ( Chairperson and EC member) BEL

Detlef Muller-Boling GER

Loïc Eonnet. FRA

Martin Whittingham Jones GBR

The One Design Subcommittee, again  reporting to the EC, is now made up of four people

Hanns Hermann Lagemann ( Chairperson and EC member ) GER

Simon Hill GBR

Martin Whitingham Jones GBR

Brain Todd CAN

Simon and Martin have already paved the way in clearing some of the historical issues of old expired contracts and licenses and with legal opinion from an Intellectual lawyer and with advice from World Sailing have laid down the beginning of a pathway to take this issue forward.

Your EC is fully committed to finding a solution with the agreement of World Sailing to bring the One Design into a format that it is recognised and that we will be permitted to have a One Design World Champion in the future. Concurrent with that will be to bring our constitution back into line with our governing body's requirements.

We cannot allow the status quo to go on in its current format and we are working to produce a consultation document for the NCA and their members to consider fully.  This consultation document will be in a format that is acceptable to World Sailing and needless to say, will require NCA World Council approval at an appropriate time.

We can debate what has happened in the past, but that will take us off the challenge ahead and I propose we draw a line on the fact that we are in breach of our contract with World Sailing and tell you that the unapproved current constitution and the one design rules that are not accepted will be addressed. The possible formation of acceptable one design rules within our World Sailing contract is our focus and although imperative to do will be to the benefit of all of us as sailors and lay the ghosts of division behind us.

We have fresh eager minds willing to take up the challenges ahead and you will be hearing a lot more on this over the next few weeks. 

In due course Hanns Hermann will be contacting all NCAs and other interested parties for their views on where the One Design sits in the class and ask in some cases help in the work where required.

You will know that we were unable to hold a full AGM for the ICA this year because of the cancellation of the 2020 Worlds but the EC is formulating a special meeting of the World Council to put in place the basics of election of officers and decisions on budgets for the coming year. This meeting will be restricted to those basics but should there need to be other items for urgent decisions that cannot wait until the AGM in Tonsberg 2021 each one would be the subject of separate special meetings at the EC's discretion.

As ever I and the others in the EC are open to contact and questions from the 2.4mR community.

Best wishes particularly in these difficult Covid times to you all and your members.

Steve Bullmore

President  International 2.4mR Class