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2016 2.4mR European Championships

Dear NCA’s and Class Members

 The International 2.4mR Class has received 2 bid documents for the 2016 European Championships. This regatta is held in Europe when the 2.4mR World Championships are held off the Europe Continent.

 The procedures are as follows for selection:

 Bids are sent to NCA’s and posted on the Class web site.

 NCA’s have 30 days to review and comment and ask questions on the documents presented. Questions about the bids can be posted to writer of each bid.

 Contact info is contained in each bid introduction. Please cc you’re your questions to as well.

 Once the 30 day period is up, NCA’s will have 15 days to cast their electronic votes. Votes will only be counted received from the official contact we have for each NCA. Each NCA is entitles to the number of votes based on membership as specified in the class constitution.

 Once the 15 voting period expires votes will be tabulated and the results will be sent to all NCA’s.

 Bruce Millar


International 2.4mR Class


The Applications, Bids and Presentations: