Classic 2.4mR Rule

The Classic category has been introduced in Sweden in order to satisfy the need for boats for sailors with restricted funds, and to satisfy the need for low cost entry boats.

For many sailors, the cost for a new boat disqualifies them from joining our sailing community;  and there are not many used modern glassic_boatboats for sale.  By decorating the best Classic sailor on our regattas, people are encouraged to make use of these older boats that were and used until 1993.  The last recorded result with a Classic was Peter Norlin sailing the SWE 112 to a second at the 1993 World Championships surrounded by Norlin Mk III´s.

Today, you often find these boats behind clubhouses and elsewhere not in use.  To get a picture of the number of boats that fits into this category, consider that at the unofficial 1989 World Championships, there were 90 boats sailing.  All of them are Classics by today’s standards.

At the annual meeting in November 2001, the Swedish 2.4mR Class Association decided to introduce the Classic concept nationally and accept the Classic rule as formulated by the sailors on the Swedish west coast on a trial basis for one year.

The definition reads as follows:

The aim with the classic category is to stimulate sailing and racing in
early 2.4mR yachts.

All 2.4mR yachts designed and built before 1990, except for the Norlin
Mk III, fall within the classic category, as does 2.4mR yachts designed before 1990 with building date before 31/12 1991, built in
moulds constructed before 1990.

RM (Righting Moment) must not exceed 51 Nm (Newton meter) at 30 degrees of heel.

The RM control must be executed with a tool made for the purpose of measuring the RM on a 2.4mR yacht.  The drawings for the tool owned by the Swedish National 2.4mR Class Association are made available by the same.

The measuring is done afloat in racing condition.  Before measuring, the measurer should make sure the boat is empty from water.

Typical designs that normally fall into the classic category are:

Södergren Mk I, II, III and IV
Norlin Mk I and II
Odd Lindqvist
Falle Mk I

Boats of other designs not mentioned here may sail in the Classic category.  When racing, prizes should be given when 3 or more Classics participate.

For two years, we have tried out a formula for classic 2.4mR with success on the Swedish west coast.  Half of our fleet consists of boats that fall into the classic category as defined above.  The majority of them are Södergren Mk III and Norlin Mk II but several other designs are available in Scandinavia.  The tool developed for this purpose is simple to make and to use.  It takes some 10 minutes to check if the boat passes the test