Jib Sheet Attachment

I thought I'd share a clean approach to fastening Jib sheets and pole launcher line. This system was developed during the 2003 Paralympic trials.. During a jib change in big waves and breeze it became apparent sheets spliced to clew where bad... Marko had changed out the luff etc. and quickly had me by the belt, yes I was either crewing or swimming... Point being changing sheets to change a jib is slow and not fun..

Second issue was to remove bulk of possibly 3 lines attaching to one grommet.. Third was getting all this bulk passed the shroud.. 
The SOLUTION is quite simple. I start with 30' of 5mm "ALPHA" line and create a loop in center and mark loop for centering reference.. 
jib clew knots 001.jpg
I then with a 3/16" splicing fid push and milk a loose end through center bottom of loop. Then draw line trough until desired size loop is attained. The loop will cinch tight, trust me..
jib clew knots 002.jpg
The Blue Line is pole launcher. Attach through clew grommet and loop with a bowline.
jib clew knots 003.jpg
Good solutions,

1. Ease of changing jibs whether on the water or at the dock.
2. Reduced number of knots, jib sheets and hopefully ( not ) a shackle.
3. Bulk, this solution slides past the stays..
4. During jibes, the pole always end up aft of the jib...

Try it , "You May Like It"

Good Sailing,
Mark Bryant
USA 29